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General Bulletin 2006-2008

Courses of Instruction

JOURNALISM (JRN-Arts and Science)

101 Introduction to Journalism (3)

Introduces issues facing news media in a democratic society. These include ethics, law, and press performance in the context of philosophy and history. Students explore several journalistic modes and a variety of careers in journalism. They learn critical news consumption and several basic writing styles.

201 News Writing and Reporting for All Media: I (3)

Introduces basic news writing for all media, news gathering, and interviewing. Emphasis on providing instruction and experience in writing for print, broadcast, and online.

202 News Writing and Reporting for All Media: II (3)

Refines media news writing skills acquired in JRN 201, with an emphasis on multiple-field reporting. Students produce cross-media content, working in print, broadcast, and online forms. Prerequisite: JRN 201.

301 Journalism Law and Ethics (3)

Focuses on statutory and common law limitations on freedom of the press in America, and the legislative and judicial rationales for them. Considers ethical theories and their application to situations that journalists commonly encounter. Crosslisted with COM 301.

312 Public Affairs Reporting (3)

Focuses on reporting news geneated in public forums, including city councils, school boards, and courts. Students cover breaking events (meetings, trials, etc.), then go beyond the vote/verdict to develop enterprise stories on underlying civic issues that affect people’s lives. Prerequisite: JRN 202.

313 Advanced Electronic Journalism: Audio (3)

Applies audio production theories and techniques to gathering, editing, and presenting long-form and short-form news stories. Cross-listed with COM 313.

314 Advanced Electronic Journalism: Video (3)

Emphasizes application of video to all phases of the journalistic process, including news gathering, writing, and presentation. Cross-listed with COM 314.

316 Introduction to News Presentation (3)

Introduces the roles of news producers and editors as key team members in print, broadcast, and online journalism. Topics to be covered include text editing, news values, and design principles, photo presentation and visual editing, audiences and interactivity. Prerequisites: IMS 101P and JRN 201.

318 Feature Writing for Newspapers and Magazines (3)

Theory and practice in writing and marketing articles of varied character for newspapers and general and specialized media. Student articles will be submitted to media for possible publication. Prerequisite: JRN 201.

415 Practicum in Television Journalism (4)

Practicum experience in which students write, report, and produce a regularly scheduled television newscast aired on Oxford’s cable television system. Participate in and evaluate all aspects of television news gathering and reporting process. Prerequisite: COM 211, 245, and either 314 or applied journalism experience. Cross-listed with COM 415.

417 Editorial Writing (3)

Study of the technique of writing various types of editorials and opinion pieces with practical assignments in the major types. Study of interpretation and comment. Prerequisite: JRN 201.

418 Critical Writing in Journalism (3)

Theory and practice in reviewing books, stage productions, motion pictures, and concerts for mass media. Prerequisite: JRN 201.

421 Capstone in Journalism (3)

Aspects of journalism; issues of law, ethics, and history as they pertain to journalism. Topics vary each year. Prerequisite: JRN 202.


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