The American Culture and English (ACE) program offers an intensive English language program called ACE-Graduate, or ACE-G, for conditionally admitted graduate students.  This program is intended for graduate students whose English language test scores fall just below the admissible level for the Graduate School, but who otherwise meet the requirments for admission into their graduate programs.  

The goal of the ACE-Graduate program is to provide conditionally admitted international graduate students with one semester of intensive course work in English language in order to prepare them for entry and full admission into their graduate programs the following semester and to prepare them for success as a graduate sudent at Miami University.  The ACE-G program is intensely committed to helping students acquire the English language proficiency necessary in order to be successful in their respective graduate programs.


The ACE-G program accepts international graduate students with TOEFL scores in the 65-79 range (IBT), or IELTS 5.5 or 6.0, or ELS 112.  For additional information, see the Graduate School web page listing the requirements for English Language Proficiency.


To apply for admission to the ACE-Graduate program, follow the instructions for the International Application on the Graduate Studies website.

Program Availability

The ACE-Graduate program is available for enrollment during the Fall, Spring and Summer sessions on the Oxford campus at Miami University. 


Students enrolled in the ACE-G program take the following four courses (12 credits total): 

  • ACE 612, Advanced Communication Strategies in Graduate Disciplines (5 cr)
  • ACE 613, Advanced Reading and Writing in Graduate Disciplines (4 cr) 
  • ACE 619, Speaking and Presentation for Graduate International Students (2 cr)
  • XXX610 or 620, Independant Study (1 cr)

Note: This XXX course is taken in the student's home graduate department and is coordinated by a faculty member in that department.  ("XXX" refers to the prefix designation for the student's home department - e.g., BIO, PHY, BUS, EDL, etc.) 

To successfully complete the ACE-G program:

Students must earn a B or better in all four ACE-G courses.  If students meet this requirement, they are fully admitted into the Graduate School.  


If students do not meet this requirement, they will have a second opportunity the following semester to retake the course(s) in which they did not receive a B or better.  If a second attempt in the ACE-G program is needed, students may also be required to take additional, intermediate to advanced undergraduate course/s in the student's discipline as advised by the student's faculty mentor.

Once students complete the ACE-G program, they do not need to retake the TOEFL (or IELTS, etc.), but they will be required to take two locally administered English proficiency tests: (1) the English Deparment writing placement exam for international students (which determines whether an international student needs to take ENG119, Writing for International Graduate Students) and (2) the SPEAK test (which determines if the student needs to retake ACE 619, Speaking and Presentation for Graduate International Students).


Please contact the Office of Bursar who can provide  you with information on tuition and fees for the ACE-Graduate program.


If you have questions about the program, please contact Nazanin Tork in the Graduate School, or Felice Marcus, Associate Director of ACE,

-updated February 26, 2014